Report Overview

The aim of this report is to inform those who have invested or are looking to invest in data centres (DCs) located in Turkey of the issues relating to seismic activity in Turkey. It is a collaboration of the measures used to guide you through the overall state of the Turkish Data Centre market and how earthquakes of high magnitidude are affect this sector. Any companies wishing to enter Turkey to build data centres, acquire existing DC properties, or have an existing DC in the region of Turkey may also find this report useful as it will provide valuable insights into their geographical interests.

  • How much seismic activity does Turkey experience
  • Why take precautions?
  • Regional highlights – relating to earthquakes and how they affect data centres
  • Earthquake types and measurement
  • Earthquake history
  • Seismic rating systems
  • Predictions of seismic activity
  • Current activity
  • Seismic area maps
  • Cost implications

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