Report Overview

Turkey is a high risk area for earth quakes. But it needs data centres to support economic growth. The engine room for economic growth is Istanbul, which is also right near the fault line. How Do Data centres create tectonic fault tolerance?

This report examines the risks associated with earthquakes in Turkey, the likelihood of downtime and assesses the measures that can be taken to mitigate this exposure.

Seismic Map of  Turkey


Seismic Map of Istanbul – Location of CoLocation Data Centres


  • Regional variations across Turkey
  • The cases for and against data centres in each region
  • The opportunities for inward investment
  • The EC and the case for regional stimulus
  • Obstacles to foreign investment
  • The existing infrastructure – how Turkey’s environment affect the data centre industry in Turkey
  • Building regulations, construction standards and the veracity of claims for ‘quake resistant’ buildings
  • An evaluation of Turkey’s ability to recover from a disaster

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