Report Overview

This report provides an overview of the top performing CoLocation providers in Turkey.

  • Infrastructure (Internal External)
  • Network Connectivity (Local, National and International)
  • Other Network Requirements
  • Cooling
  • Power (Both internal and incoming)
  • Security
  • Geographical Ideals
  • Maintenance
  • Facility Provisions
  • Certifications
  • Current or Upcoming ventures
  • Services (Both direct and  indirect)
  • Building – Stuctural integrity
  • Disaster Procedures
  • Associated Costs (considering all of the above)

  • Zenium – Istanbul
  • Verizon/Terremark – Istanbul
  • Turkcell/Superonline/Global iletisim – Istanbul
  • Turkcell/Superonline/Global iletisim – Istanbul
  • Turkcell/Superonline/Global iletisim – Ankara
  • Vodafone – Istanbul
  • Borsa Istanbul  – Istanbul
  • IBM/Istanbul – Istanbul
  • IBM/Izmir – Izmir
  • TTNet Istanbul – Istanbul
  • TTNet Ankara – Ankara
  • Anadolu Bilisim Hizmetleri – Istanbul
  • Grid Telekom Istanbul – Istanbul
  • Grid Telekom Ankara – Ankara
  • Radore Hosting – Istanbul
  • Telehouse/Teknotel – Istanbul
  • MedNautilus – Istanbul

Here are some samples of the type of detailed information you can expect to see in the report:

Location of Verizon Data Centres

Location of Verizon Data Centre


CoLocation Data Centres in Istanbul

CoLocation Data Centres in Istanbul


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