Unisonius Consultants are Data Centre specialists. Our knowledge and expertise have been built over many years from direct responsibility for managing the infrastructure requirements for new build data centres and on-going data centre operations.

Our clients are both Data Centre operators and Data Centre users across all industries, however, we have worked mainly with telcos and Data Centre operators who offer CoLocation as part of their service. We help Data Centre operators develop their regional infrastructure. We advise them on how to maintain and improve their current infrastructure, and we provide best practice strategies to help them benefit fully from regional growth. And we help their potential clients to fully understand the possibilities that the market offers for CoLocation services.

We place particular emphasis on the role of people in the continuous improvement of the Data Centre environment. Developing a new network communication hub in the heart of a region is not enough. Advancing local knowledge and skills is fundamental to what we do; it delivers a greater economical impact and leaves behind a stronger legacy.

Our current area of interest is Turkey, which is currently experiencing rapid IT growth with many global companies now realising the benefits of housing equipment in Turkey’s Data Centres. We aim to assist Turkish Data Centre operators to facilitate the recent high demand of CoLocation and Data Centre requirements they are currently experiencing, assisting with the development of expansion, upgrades or migration and consolidation of their infrastructure. We have already assisted various banks and telcos to do just that!

Typical data centre consulting projects include:

  • Colocation Search and Find Services
  • Data Centre Analysis (Business & Data Centre Infrastructure)
  • Land feasibility/location feasibility/geographic feasibility
  • Data Centre Design
  • Data Centre – Construction Management
  • Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
  • Asset Management, Development, Maintenance & Control
  • Seismic Analysis
  • Project Management, Process Modelling & Change Management
  • Network Connectivity (local, national and international)li>
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Migration & Consolidation
  • Engineering (Mechanical & Electrical (Power & Cooling))
  • IT procurement and management – Managing Systems, Storage and Network architects