Unisonius Consulting provides consulting and market intelligence to companies and investors who would like to understand the ‘ins and outs’ of the Data Centre, this being CoLocation or any core data centre belonging to a company.

As a consultancy, we have provided many surveys of Data Centres offering CoLocation facilities, on behalf of our clients who require space. Through many years of gaining market knowledge, we are able to ensure that the right information is available to those seeking it.

Our market intelligence reports are developed from data from various sources but mainly through direct communication with vendors who are willing to share information about their infrastructure and services with us. We act as a go between so that clients can be assured that their equipment is housed within an appropriate environment.

Obtaining information about a Data Centre vendor’s infrastructure is not easy if you’re not a potential client of theirs. The nature of Data Centres are somewhat sensitive and gaining an understanding of what’s inside poses a threat to a Data Centre operator if their facility is not up-to-scratch. However, we have built strong relationships with vendors and from this we are able to gather information directly from those who are happy to promote their operations.

This subsequently allows us to share this information with you. Through these ties, we ensure that all the information we hold on behalf of these vendors are both accurate, truthful and up-to-date; information that provides you with the correct knowledge to move forward in your business decisions.